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New subjects for memes and jokes, such as family, job, and political circumstances become popular and are being discussed by billions of people. Sense of humor makes it possible to reflect them in funny pictures, videos, and GIFs for brevity and clarity. In the era of information this is one of the best formats to learn something new and be in the picture without the need to look for boring plain facts.

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Funny Pictures

Are you tired of the same memes and visual jokes you constantly see in social networks? Find something fresh and comical on this website. Here are the latest funny images from all over the Internet. Save any picture you like by sharing it on your Facebook, Twitter or a Pinterest board. Let your friends also laugh at a hilarious character or situation.

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Funny pictures are an inexhaustible source of humor and good mood. Looking through images with cute animals, people in non-standard situations or artistic children complemented by witty inscriptions is a great way to energize and cheer you up. If you are tired at work, just take 5 minutes to have a cup of tea or coffee and have a good laugh by looking through various compilations of funny pictures on «FUNNYPHOTOS24.COM».

Funny Animals

Who does not like cute cats, dogs, raccoons, and other animals, especially when they make us laugh? Some pets, wild and zoo animals are much more artistic and expressive than many people. The funniest animals on the Internet are probably the best antidepressant when you are a squeezed orange. Have you had a long and hard day? Look through photos and videos with funny animals in the evening and you will feel much better.

Do you have some time during a coffee break? Watch a selection of funny memes of the day and you will be in a great mood until the evening. If you have found a new and hilarious image on our website, share it on a social network for your friends to show them a funny kitten or a nice silly puppy.

A lot of people from all over the world love dogs and cats. Pets are sometimes so funny that they can make even the most focused or sad person laugh to tears. Funny animal pictures are one of the best antidepressants and mood medicines having side effects. How can anyone stay indifferent looking at a cute and funny animal snout? But don't think that only pets can be charismatic. Wild animals and birds often are in the spotlight of popular memes and funny pictures too.

Funny Memes

Most people on the Internet like memes, but not everyone knows how they differ from just funny pictures. Not every image, even a hilarious one, has a chance to be turned into a viral meme. This is a mainly funny media object spreading extremely fast through the Internet. It is impossible to predict the popularity of a particular Internet meme, since success often depends on random factors. Many marketers try to promote products or services through viral advertising, but today there are not many successful examples.

A meme is something that cannot always be simply explained. Sometimes a funny photo, video, picture or quote appears, duplicates within a very short time and spreads all over the Internet. On «FUNNYPHOTOS24.COM» you can find only the best ones.

Even if you browse funny memes for hours every day, you still won't be able to see all of them. Tons of Internet memes appear daily, without interruption for weekends and holidays. But did you know that the concept of a meme appeared long before penetration of the Internet into the lives of ordinary people like you and me? If you are curious about the history of memes, you will surely find some interesting information below.

Funny Pranks

Now pranks are very popular not only among teenagers, but also people of all ages. An interesting fact: although this word came from the youth language, its meaning is familiar to any Internet user. This word originated from the phrase «practical joke» and was first used as a part of «call prank».

Initially, pranksters made anonymous calls on behalf of someone else to play a trick on the person who picked up the phone and have fun. Later, pranks began to be recorded and uploaded to the Internet. Due to mass smartphone penetration, video pranks and so-called social experiments aimed at revealing the true human nature in an extraordinary or just unusual situation began gaining popularity. Watch the best photo and video pranks on our website!

Who do you think is the most famous prankster in the world? Whoever you are thinking of now, most likely you have not remembered the person whose pranks entered the history of popular culture. This person is Bart Simpson, a cartoon character from the super popular animated series The Simpsons! Do you agree? Bart has inspired a huge number of pranksters, thanks to whom there are so many prank photos and videos on the Internet.

Funny Quotes

A good quote can quickly cheer you up or even become your motto for a while. Such sayings can be witty, funny, charmingly silly, hilarious or especially original. Some catch phrases taken from books, series, interviews, and other sources become known worldwide.

Funny quotes are not only a means to make your day. They will help you give unexpected answers and comment on various situations ingeniously. On our website you will find collections of witty and hilarious quotes to share with friends. To do this, repost pictures you like the most on social networks!

Do you know many people who think outside the box and generate funny jokes easily? You probably follow some of them on Twitter, but this is not enough. Visit our site more often to see the latest compilations of the best posts, aphorisms, witty sayings, funny phrases, inscriptions and announcements. It is always fun here!

Random Pictures

Do you want to get a good portion of a laugh? Click on random pictures and enjoy the funniest images. We have a great library of fresh pics to boost your mood. The best thing that you don't need to choose a section. Hit the random pictures tab to watch funny photos selected for you. This is a perfect option if you have just a couple of free minutes.

You can enjoy finding random pictures and photos here. New content is uploaded every day. Look through our daily compilations and have fun! We look for only the best images for you and make up hilarious TOPs.

Funny Gif's

Funny GIFs will never become unpopular. A few years ago, when unlimited Internet was not as common as today, people sent many animated pics to each other, like short videos today. With the help of animation, you can make an absurd situation even funnier and gif-creators use this peculiarity. A short animation can be made from a series of photos, a small fragment of a video, and created from scratch using popular memes. Watch the funniest GIFs on our website and share them with your friends to make them laugh or express your emotions concerning something particular.

Sometimes GIFs are funnier than pictures and can better transfer the essence of a situation, because animation in most cases reflects the dynamics more vividly. Find the best animations on «FUNNYPHOTOS24.COM». Just like with pictures, we upload new collections of crazy GIFs every day.

Funny Videos

In this section you can find gags, pranks, and other funny videos. Cool clips become popular quickly due to social networks. People all over the world especially like funny animal videos. It is no wonder, because cats, dogs, pandas, cheetahs, buffalos, giraffes are often captured in hilarious situations.

Watch the best content on our website and be in a good mood always and everywhere: at home, in the workplace, on public transport, and so on. Besides, here you can find cool videos for a popular try-not-to-laugh challenge. Have you found a new video making you laugh out loud? Share it with your friends!

Video is the most popular format of entertainment content today. If you like watching funny videos, you don't have to search long on YouTube for what to watch. The best moments of the funniest videos are in one place, on this site.

Where Do Memes Come From? Books About Memes

Many scientists have been studying the meme as a phenomenon since the 1970s. There is a specific branch of sciences dealing with this concept, which is called memetics. In 1976, English scientist Richard Dawkins wrote a book under the title «The Selfish Gene», which marked the birth of memetics as a science. In memetics, the concept of the Darwinian theory of evolution is transferred to the popular culture. Broadly defined, it is an approach that studies ideas as units of cultural information. The term «meme» appeared in the Dawkins' work as an analogy to the «gene» in genetics.

Another scientist, Douglas Rushkoff, who brought it to the media space, dealt with the concept of meme too. His book «Media Virus!: Hidden Agendas in Popular Culture» develops Dawkins' ideas and transfers the concept of a meme into the media environment.

But Dawkins’ «meme» is a certain unit of information, similar to the «gene» in genetics, and Rushkoff's «meme» is a complex virus with a little bit of different origin. Phenomena and events (media events) that indirectly or directly affect society are called media viruses by him. Rushkoff believed that society entered a new era in the second half of the XX century, which is called the «infosphere». This is exactly the time when media activism, political PR, interactive media, media viruses, and first memes were born.

Memes are not fruits of the Internet. Today memes are spread mainly with the help of social networks, popular websites and messengers. But at its core, a meme is a unit of cultural information that infects a huge number of people like a virus and has enough power to change public consciousness.

Meme Types

There are many classifications of memes. They can be classified according to a huge number of various criteria. For example, by origin they can be divided into:

  • Forced memes (created by marketers or ordinary Internet users to promote a brand or themselves).
  • Co-opted (memes which seem to be created spontaneously, but they are instantly spread by interested parties to be promoted for a certain purpose).
  • Self-generated (a viral unit created spontaneously without a certain purpose).

Every day you see a lot of memes presented in the form of a text, a video, a GIF, etc. In the language of scientists they have the following names:

  • visual memes (funny pictures, demotivators, comics, Photoshop content, and so on);
  • auditory memes (viral songs, slogans, mottos);
  • text memes (quotes, neologisms, text slogans);
  • mixed memes (for example, funny pics with inscriptions).

Video memes are not a separate type, because they are more commonly classified as mixed memes due to the fact they contain both visual and auditory components.

But let the scientists do their job. We love memes because they are funny and make us laugh. Don’t think too much about the «anatomy» of memes and just enjoy new portions of funny images, quotes, videos, and animations every day on our website!